Hong Kong Youth New Runway [Programme Closed]

With a majority of developing countries along the Belt and Road enjoying relatively rapid economic growth, young people in Hong Kong are blessed with mounting opportunities for future development away from home. In this connection, the Centre launched the “Hong Kong Youth New Runway Programme”, offering secondary or tertiary students free tours to explore different Belt and Road countries, with hopes of inspiring our competent, ambitious young generations with boldness to venture and innovate to consider, from a life planning perspective, their career development opportunities beyond the border.

Participating students will be able to visit developing countries with established Chinese enterprises. These include some of the ASEAN countries, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, as well as countries in the Middle East and Africa. The programme, which is conceived, spearheaded and formulated by the Centre, is made possible thanks to the sponsorship of Dr Raymond Lee Charitable Foundation, and the support by individual schools which are responsible for tour organization and student selection. In preparation for the tour, the Centre will connect participating schools with local Chinese businesses, and if necessary, foreign consulates in Hong Kong as well as Chinese diplomatic or consular missions.