[Hong Kong Youth New Runway Programme] Inter-School Sharing Session

19 March 2018 – Hong Kong

After receiving very positive feedback from teachers and students of 11 participating schools returning home from their tours, the Centre purposely organized an inter-school sharing session for registered or prospective schools, inviting students as well as principals and teachers of the participating schools to share their respective experiences during the journey and itinerary planning. The session was well attended by over 400 teachers and students from 75 schools.

The footprint of 11 participating schools spans from Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Philippines, Brunei, India, Srilanka, to as far as Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Kenya in Africa. Unlike conventional study tours, academic performance is not on the list of criteria for student selection in this programme, thus many students enlisted were travelling for the first time, making the trip a treasure and remarkably memorable.